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Social responsibility

The company is aware of the maintenance and making cost-effective use of the available resources is essential for good employee and corporate environment The company therefore focuses on cooperation in performing duties and conserving resources of all departments in the organization with unity under the policy of efficient use of resources. With the following operating principles

  1. All executives and employees to help protect the environment and improve the working environment of the company, for example, the company organizes a Big Cleaning Day activity for employees to clean the desk area and sort out materials that do not benefit the workplace, the environment and the sanitation of the company. Staff
  2. All executives and employees We need to help reduce the amount of waste and waste. As well as bringing the product or material that is discarded but still useful Recycled
  3. All executives and employees Must conserve and use energy efficiently The company has set guidelines for saving electricity and water. Using the most economical and effective, such as a campaign to turn off the lights. Turn off the air conditioner and turn off electrical equipment on time as well as having a selection of electrical equipment with energy saving features, especially light bulbs. Air conditioner and indoor electrical equipment
  4. The company has disseminated policies and educating executives and employees. The effective use of resources policy was announced to all employees through public relations boards Along with encouraging and encouraging employees to actively cooperate

Efficient use of resources policy It is a way to conserve energy and resources nearby

The executives and employees can mobilize their cooperation to focus on And behave to show social responsibility together, conserve and use the current limited resources Starting from within the organization As well as create a good awareness of sustainable use of resources