About Company
CN SURE CO., LTD was established on September 12, 2013 with 100 billion Baht registered capital to engage in property business development. It focuses on developing project for condominium. The projects are located near cultural tourist attractions, commercial area and business center of Chiang Mai which convenient to travel. Beyond that, there are 2 affiliated companies, Manage Sure CO., LTD. concentrates on hospitality industry which are hotel, restaurant and Café, CN CREATE SURE CO., LTD focuses on building and construction industry to facilitate our customer’s needs.

Up til now

the company has been aimed at developing condominium in Chiang Mai. All projects are elaborately designed in modern and iconic architecture styles with magnificent interior decoration and it suits every group of customer. Furthermore, there is an after sale service from professional teams which always take care customers to ensure that the projects and services of organization are satisfied and improve environment around the projects in order to increase asset value.