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Glory Boutique Suites
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Glory Boutique Suites
Project information
Glory Boutique Suites is located near Hua Wiang Gate or Chang Phuak Gate, Chiang Mai Province. It is believed that it is a victory gate as it is located in the north of the city which is the position of “Det” or power. In the past, the gate was traditionally used by the king to entrance the city and specially used on royal coronation ceremony. Corpse which is considered inauspicious thing was forbidden to pass the gate. Hua Wiang Gate was changed the name to “Chang Phuak Gate” when Phaya Sanmuang built two white elephant monuments as the memorial to two chamberlains who saved his life in war.
Project concept
Glory Boutique Suites was built in Colonial style which is a combination of western and eastern architecture and it was a symbol of culture. Colonial style is a western art in the Colonial era that westerner brought to colonies in distant locations. The characteristic of Colonial architecture is a mix of European and local architecture styles. Thailand was also influenced by westerner and brought this style into the country in the reign of King Rama V and King Rama VI. Nowadays, this style has been adapted and developed to be more modern and trendy. It shows a perfect combination of Thai, Western and also an enchanted Northern Thai Lanna style.
Condominium Project Description
Condominium decoration

Glory Boutique Suites the luxury condominium as the 5 star hotel in Colonial style architecture close to Chiang Mai Old City and this is the best answer for your life.

1 Bed Suite

1 Bed Studio Plus

1 Bed Suite Plus

1 Bed Studio

Twin Suite

Facilities around the project


9/9 Chang Phuak Road Soi 4 Khor Sriphum Sub District, Mueang District, Chiang Mai Province 50200

Phone Number

097 920 5119 | 052 000 514




Glory Boutique Suites Chiangmai

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