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Glory Sky Bar
& Restaurant
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Glory Sky Bar
& Restaurant
Glory Sky Bar & Restaurant
When you’re thinking about good vibe and beautiful sunset, you usually think of having delicious dinner, sipping fine wine and enjoy seeing glorious sunset and scenic view. Unluckily, such a vibe barely find in downtown. To have dinner and enjoy seeing panorama view of Chiang Mai city, here is a choice for you.

Glory Sky Bar & Restaurant, the bar is on rooftop of Glory Boutique Suites Condominium.

It’s a perfect choice for special dinner with your beloved person or meeting your friend and enjoy seeing the spectacular view point of Suthep hill. The food and drink prices here are affordable. You will be impressed by its friendly, welcoming atmosphere and nice song.

For those who love taking photo, this bar is a good place for you to keep special memories on photo. There’s nothing better than relaxing and chilling with wine, mocktail or cocktail in your hand. You can spend a long time soaking in the beautiful, clean sight and lovely sound. Especially in the evening, when the sun goes down, you will see the different shades of sky which makes your dinner more special and romantic.



9/9 Chang Phuak Road Soi 4 Khor Sriphum Sub District, Mueang District, Chiang Mai Province 50200

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097 920 5119


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